Summer Sale


For any bathroom item you have come to the right place. We stock tens of thousands of items – And not just the latest shiny white bathroom items (although we do have lots of those in our showroom as well) many are discontinued, obsolete or seemingly impossible to find! So if you have cistern lid, bath panel, toilet seat or even a nut or washer that you need – give us a call or take a look through the website.


New, discontinued, coloured or just plain ancient!

We all love online, it’s quick, safe (well our website is) and you can do it 24 / 7. But at HM James we can’t ignore the fact we have over 130 years of experience at welcoming customers into our shop in East London. OK, the hats and the cravats may have been replaced by branded polo shirts but the one thing that has not changed is our passion for service and our experienced staff.

Every member of our team has been with us for at least ten years and they know their bathroom items! If you can’t find what you are looking for then we urge you to test their knowledge as many items have changed name or code over the years and we will know the product to replace and get your bathroom back to it’s best!

Of course you are more than welcome to come in and see us and see what we do as well!

Latest News: If you are struggling to find a replacement toilet seat then let HM James help you. We know that there are thousands of different shapes and sizes of toilet seat. If you can't find your seat then click on our new Seat Selector to help us track down the correct replacement toilet seat for your bathroom.